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Dirt Diecast Replicas & Late Model Diecasts

Quality Diecast Replicas

Red Dirt Late Model Diecast car
White with orange accents Dirt Modified Diecast Car

Dirt Modified Diecasts

Whether your a local, regional or national driver ADC is here to replicate your IMCA style modified. To check out our newest releases check out our Facebook page.

Dirt Late Model Diecasts

Enjoy the most detailed dirt late model diecast in the industry.  We partner with drivers and car owners to create the perfect addition to your collection.  To see our releases check out our Facebook page.

Dirt Diecast Replicas

American Diecast Company (ADC) is your exclusive source for the highest quality dirt diecast collectible cars. Since 2001, we've specialized in crafting dirt late model diecast and dirt modified diecast cars that capture the essence of speed and the spirit of the dirt track. From detailed replicas of national champions to custom models for local heroes, our collections celebrate every corner of dirt racing. Discover the intricate designs and authentic detailing that make each model a standout piece in any collection.

Dirt Late Model Diecasts: A Collector's Dream

ADC is renowned for producing the finest dirt late model diecasts in the industry, a tradition we've proudly upheld for over two decades. We collaborate directly with drivers and car owners to ensure every diecast model is a perfect replica, down to the last detail. Our models are crafted with precision, reflecting the passion and dedication of the racing community. For a glimpse of our latest and greatest releases, check out our Facebook page.

Dirt Modified Diecasts: Celebrate Every Victory

For enthusiasts of dirt modified racing, ADC offers an exclusive line of dirt modified diecast cars. Whether you're a fan of local track races or national championships, our IMCA style modified replicas are made just for you. Each model is developed with careful attention to authenticity, ensuring that every feature resonates with the true spirit of dirt racing. Our commitment to quality and detail makes ADC a leading name in dirt modified diecasts.

Our story began with three racing enthusiasts: Stan Gill, Rodney Combs, and Ed Ferree. Their combined passion for dirt racing and high-quality diecasts laid the foundation for what ADC is today. Over the years, we've had the honor of creating diecasts for racing legends like Tony Stewart and Scott Bloomquist, as well as many beloved local drivers. As we continue to evolve with the racing community, our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering. For questions, custom orders, or more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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