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Dirt Diecast Collectibles & Custom Dirt Late Model Diecast Cars

For nearly two decades, American Diecast Company has crafted high-quality replicas of dirt late model and dirt modified race cars. Whether you're a collector, a racing enthusiast, or a driver yourself, our models capture the essence of dirt racing with unmatched precision and detail.

Our Dirt Late Model Diecast Legacy

Since our founding in 2001, we've been committed to bringing the racetrack right to your home with meticulously crafted replicas of the nation’s top drivers' cars. Our models are a fixture in the collections of enthusiasts around the globe, celebrated for their authenticity and the personal touch we bring to every piece. From Tony Stewart to Scott Bloomquist, we've built models for racing's biggest names, ensuring each diecast car reflects the uniqueness and spirit of the individual and their machine.

Precision in Dirt Modified Diecast

Our dedication to quality extends to our dirt modified diecast models. Catering to drivers across all levels—local, regional, and national—our replicas are perfect for anyone looking to immortalize their racing achievements or support their favorite drivers. Modeled after IMCA style modified cars, each piece is crafted with precision, reflecting the distinct characteristics of each vehicle and driver. These models not only celebrate the sport's competitive spirit but also connect fans and drivers on a personal level.

Celebrating Our Roots and Racing Heritage

American Diecast Company was born from a passion for dirt racing and a commitment to excellence. Founded by Stan Gill, Rodney Combs, and Ed Ferree, our company started with a vision to create lifelike, durable diecasts that are as resilient and dynamic as the sport they represent. Through Gill's innovative ideas, Combs' meticulous attention to detail, and Ferree's deep connections in the racing community, ADC has continued to evolve with the racing world, keeping pace with new trends and technologies. As we move forward, our mission remains clear: to deliver exceptional quality and make every collector feel a part of the thrilling world of dirt racing.


To learn more about our custom dirt late model diecast cars, contact us today.

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White with green accents Dirt Late Model Diecast Car

Dirt Late Model Diecast

For almost 20 years American Diecast Company is the premier dirt late model diecast in the industry.  Creating the top national driver's diecasts to collectors every year.

Black with blue accents Dirt Modified Diecast car

Dirt Modified Diecast

Whether your a local, regional or national driver ADC is here to replicate your IMCA style modified.

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