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Custom Modified Diecast Dirt Cars

How It Works

1.) What we offer...

The American Diecast Company, LLC can recreate the same level of detail and excitement of being on the track, in an exact 1.24 or 1.64 replica diecast car.  You can order as few as 1 for $80.00 per diecast, and have them in your hands within 8-10 weeks.

What we need from you...

To get started we require a $75.00 art fee, which will later be added into your total cost of the project.  Also, you will need to mail or email graphics from y our decal shop and pictures of your race car.

It's all in the details...

All of the artwork for each diecast is hand-rendered by our expert art department.  Then it is printed by our digital printing technician.  Next, the artwork is carefully applied to the diecast by our Digital Graphic Installers.  Finally, the cars pass through our quality assurance team and they are packaged and shipped straight to you.


Short Run Program

$75 Artwork Fee on all projects

This fee is waived if you order (24) 1/24




Base Pricing

1/24 scale

1-11 - $80

12 + - $75

50+ - $70

1/64 scale

1-11 - $16

12 + - $15

50+ - $14


If only ordering 1/64s, you need to order a minimum of 36.


The following up charges will be added to the base price.


Deck Decal - $4 per 1/24

Roof Swap - $3 per 1/24

Custom Paint - $8 per 1/24 scale; $3 per 1/64 scale

Florescent colors - $3 per 1/24 scale; $1 per 1/64 scale

Chrome, Matte and Metallic - $ 3 per 1/24 scale; $.1 per 1/64

$1.50 per additional color per 1/24

$.75 per additional color per 1/64

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